Floor Plan of Elliott Bay Towers, apt 1901

List of Frasier episodes (Wikipedia)

Other Frasier sites:
Transcripts archive, stats, top 10 lists, and more. Very comprehensive and interactive.

Goodnight Seattle
Polls, news about the cast, trivia, more trivia, merchandise listings, syndication listings, more. (Not updated anymore, but very comprehensive and well organized. Just go there. It’s terrific.)

Frasier Online
Forum, episode guide, reviews, gallery.

Other review sites:
Warp Speed To Nonsense (Star Trek the original series, reviewed in production order)

Huxtable Hotness (A review of the wardrobe design for each Cosby Show episode) 

(includes a ‘He-Man murder’ counter, a ‘He-Man attempted murder’ counter, and an ‘Episodes missing Skeletor’ counter)


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